Our story begins

Our heroes have come far south to a region known as The Lake of Steam. Tales promising glory and riches have led them here. Hot mist clouds roll across the hills beyond vast jungles. The great lake has a yellow tinge and emits a choking sulfur scent that plagues the air about the land. Ankhapur, the fabled city of pearls, rises up before them; not the prettiest sight nor the best smelling. Surrounded by wooden walls bloated with water from the lake. The city is bustling at all times of the day with merchant activity and is almost always shrouded in a thin, hot veil of steam. As its title indicated; the city is renown for its importation of beautiful and dazzling pearls. A massive explosion followed by shrieks and roars rises above the merchant hubbub from where the buildings end at the water’s edge. The people near the gate shudder but don’t seem very surprised. They look fearfully down Fortunes Way…

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